Community Relations (Series 1000)

1000 Community Relations Goals
1050 Annual District Meeting and Election
1100 Public Information Program
1110 Official Board Periodical
1120 School District Records
1120-R-School District Records Regulation
1120-E.1-Application for Public Access to Records
1120-E.2-Agency Response to Request for Records
1130 News Media Relations
1145 Dissemination of Materials Through the Schools
1221 Relations with Parental Organizations
1225 Relationship with Local Education Foundation
1230 Public Participation At Board Meetings
1400 Public Complaints
1420 Complaints about Curricula or Instructional Materials
1420-R-Complaints About Curricula or Instructional Materials Regulation
1500 Public Use of School Facilities
1500(1) Use of Facilities Fee Schedule
1520-R-Public Conduct on School Property Regulation
1530 Smoking on School Premises
1710 Relations with Education Research Agencies
1741 Home Instruction
1800 Gifts from the Public
1810 Naming Facilities and Acceptance of Materials
1900 Parent and Family Engagement
1900 E.1 Parent and Family Engagement
1910 Volunteers in the Schools
1925 Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents
1925-E.1 Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents Accommodation Request
1925-E.2 Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parent Response to Requests for Accommodation