School Board Governance And Operations (Series 2000)

2000 Board Operational Goals
2100 School Board Legal Status
2110 School Board Powers And Duties
2110-E School Board Powers and Duties Exhibit
2110.1 School Board Access to Information and Reports
2111 Board Member Authority
2111.1 Board Members School Visits
2120 School Board Elections
2120.1 Board Member Qualifications, Candidates, and Campaigning
2120.2 Voting Procedures
2120.2-E Application for Absentee Ballot2230 Appointed Board Officers
2125 Election of Members to the Central High School Board of Education
2150 Unexpired Term Fulfillment
2160 School District Officer & Employee Ethics
2210 Board Reorganizational Meeting
2220 Board Officers
2230 Appointed Board Officers
2230.1 Appointed Board Officers Letters of Intent
2240 Board-Superintendent Relationship
2250 Board Committees
2265 Shared Decision Making and School-based Planning
2270 School Attorney
2310 Regular Meeting
2320 Special Meetings
2330 Executive Sessions
2340 Notice of Meetings
2342 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
2350 Board Meeting Procedures
2351 Quorum
2352 Rules of Order
2360 Minutes
2410 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies
2440 Administration in Policy Absence
2450 Policy Dissemination
2460 Policy Review and Evaluation
2510 New Board Member Orientation
2521 Expense Reimbursement Regulations for the Board of Education
2521-R Expense Reimbursement Regulations for the Board of Education Regulations 
2710 Communication Among Individual Board Members