Instructional Goals (Series 4000)

4000 Instructional Goals
  4010 Equivalence In Instructional Staff and Materials
  4110 School Calendar And School Day
  4200 Curriculum Development
  4311.1 Display of the Flag
  4315.1 AIDS Instruction
  4317 Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
  4321 Programs for Students with Disabilities Under the Idea And New York’s Education Law Article 89
4321a Participation in the General Education Curriculum
  4321.1 Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs and Services
  4321.2 Preschool Special Education
4321.2-A Participation in Preschool Programs
4321.2-B Parental Consent for Evaluation of a Preschool Student Suspected of Having a Disability
  43212-R Preschool Special Education Regulation
  4321.3 Independent Educational Evaluations
  4321.4 Selection & Appointment Of Impartial Hearing Officers
  4321.5 Provision of IEP to Teachers and Service Providers
  4321.6 Guideline for Participation of Students with Disabilities in State and District wide Assessments

4321.6A The Use of Universal Design Principles in District Assessments

  4321.7 Confidentiality of Student Records
  4321.8 Declassification of Students with Disabilities
  4321.9 Instructional Materials Availability of Alternative Formats For Students with Disabilities
  4321.10 Schoolwide Approaches and Pre-Referral Interventions
  4321.11 Special Education Personnel
  4321.11A Highly Qualified Personnel
  4321.12 Programs and Services For Parentally-Placed Nonpublic School Students With Disabilities
  4321.13 Precautions Regarding Student Elopement
  4325 Compensatory and Remedial Education
  4326 Limited English Proficiency Instruction
  4326-R Limited English Proficiency Instruction Regulation
  4327 Homebound Instruction
  4410 Classroom Organization and Grouping for Instruction
  4511 Textbook Selection and Adoption
  4511R Textbook Selection Procedures
  4513 Library Materials Selection
  4513R Library Materials Selection Regulation
  4526 Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Regulation
4526E Internet Acceptable Use Exhibit
4526-R Computer Network and Internet Acceptable Use Regulation
  4526.1 Internet Safety Policy

4526.1R Internet Safety Regulation

4526.1E Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Exhibit

  4531 Field Trips and Excursions
4531R Field Trips and Excursions Regulation
4531E Field Trip Permission Form
  4710 Grading Systems
  4712 Student Progress Reports To Parents
  4714 Parent Conferences
  4720 Testing Programs
  4730 Homework
  4730R Homework Regulations
  4750 Promotion, Retention, Acceleration
  4750R Promotion or Retention Procedure
  4760 Makeup Opportunities
  4810 Teaching About Controversial Issues
  4821 School Ceremonies and Observances
  4850 Dissection of Animals in the Schools