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Director of Technology
Andrea DiMango
(516) 568-6289

Smart Schools Investment Plan

As part of Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s mission statement, we expect our children to become literate in the areas of technology, science and mathematics. Our programs are aligned with the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for teachers and students. Teachers utilize technology to create an environment that permits engaged learners to flourish and to plan instruction that meets each child at his or her personal level.

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen strives to offer teachers, staff and students the highest standard of technology possible. The district invests in quality programs which provide new ways for students to interact with content, measure their learning and explore new ideas. No longer are classrooms confined to time and space. Our children are truly connected learners – sharing, exploring and evaluating information through many forms of interactive technology.

As part of our one-to-one initiative, students in grades two through six have their own Chromebook for use during the instructional day. All classrooms are equipped with a SMARTBoard, and classrooms without one-to-one devices are wired with enough laptops or desktops to facilitate group work as part of interactive classroom lessons. With technology, it is possible to communicate, collaborate and create with those across the globe, as well as our friends who share our classroom and school community.

For suggestions regarding the Smart Schools Investment Plan, please email Andrea DiMango at