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Instructional Technology Survey 2016
Smart Schools Investment Plan

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As part of Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s mission statement we expect our children to become literate in the areas of technology, science and mathematics. Our programs are aligned with the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and the International Technology of Education Standards. We create an environment that permits engaged learners to flourish.  Technology provides opportunities for student learning and differentiated instruction.

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen strives to offer teachers, staff and students the highest standard of technology possible. Teachers receive training, as well as ongoing support on technology equipment and curriculum integration.   No longer are classrooms confined to time and space.  Our children are truly connected learners – sharing, exploring and evaluating information through many forms of interactive technology.

Each classroom in the district is equipped with a Smartboard and at least 4 desktop computers.  All of the equipment has become a vital tool in providing interactive class lessons.

Students and teachers also have access to a multitude of educational online resources. Students have access at their fingertips to numerous viewpoints, simulations, expert opinions, webinars and interactive learning experiences. Technology has made it possible to communicate, collaborate and create with others across the globe.