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Summer Recreation Program

Summer 2021 Recreation Program Registration Form

Kindergarten Screenings for 2021-2022

  • Howell Road: June 2, 3, 4
  • James A. Dever: May 24, 25, 26 & June 1
  • Willow Road: June 1, 2, 3, 4

Contact Information:
Central Registration Office
(516) 872-5674

Should you require such services; please contact the District’s McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison for assistance:
Maricel Goldman
(516) 568-6260

Requirements for Entry Into School

New York State mandates the following requirements for entrance to a new school district:

1. A doctor signed and stamped Immunization Certificate showing proof of the required immunizations as per NYS law.

2. A doctor signed and stamped Health Certificate / Appraisal form showing proof of a physical exam within one year of child’s entrance of school.  ( For Kindergarten entrance this will usually mean done after September 7 of the  previous year)

3. A Dental Health Certificate containing a report of a comprehensive dental examination

Preschool Screenings

Vision and Hearing Screenings are done in the Spring prior to entrance into Kindergarten by the nurse.  Referrals to doctors will be made, if needed.


The children will be screened in the following academic areas:

  • Recognition of letters and numbers
  • Identification of beginning letter sounds
  • Identification of basic shapes and colors
  • Counting objects
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Cutting on a line
  • Writing their first name
  • Holding the pencil and scissors

Speech and Language

The speech and language screening evaluates your child’s ability to utilize appropriate communication skills.  These skills include:

1. Articulation – your child’s ability to produce age-appropriate sounds.

2. Language – your child’s ability to understand messages and express needs, wants, thoughts and ideas.  This portion of the screening will explore your child’s ability to understand and use vocabulary, sequence events, remember sentences of increasing length and complexity, and comprehend directions involving spatial (location) and temporal (time) concepts.

3. Pragmatics (social language) – your child’s ability to separate, transition, and interact with the staff and other children.

The ENL department participates during the kindergarten screening process if a child has a home language questionnaire that indicates another language spoken.  First, we speak with the parents to learn more about the languages spoken at home.  Then, we conduct and informal interview with the student.  Based on information ascertained from the child, we administer the NYSITELL, a state approved language assessment that measures language proficiency.  The scores attained will determine the student’s eligibility for the ENL program and their English language proficiency scores of entering, emerging, transitioning, expanding and commanding.  These levels establish the number of periods of ENL required based on state guidelines.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration

Please note: Only families who were selected in the Pre K lottery should register for Pre K

A child must be five years old by December 1st of the year in which he/she begins Kindergarten. Kindergarten registration is held at the school the child will attend in November of the year prior to entrance.

Records needed for registration are certificate of birth and proof of residency in Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen. Proof of immunization is also required.

We now offer the option to register your child for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten online. Please click the button below to begin the process.

Pre K and Kindergarten Registration Form

a button that reads 'Register Now' with a 'Powered by FamilyID' stamp on the bottom of it

If you prefer to print the packet, complete it, and submit it by mail or scan to email, please use the link below to access the complete packet.

Pre K and Kindergarten Registration Packet – Contains All Forms Below

Pre K and Kindergarten Registration – Health Forms

Pre K and Kindergarten Registration – Custodial Forms

Pre K and Kindergarten Registration – Residency Forms

Pre-Kindergarten Application

Pre-Kindergarten Family Letter – May 2021

Pre-Kindergarten Application

Registration for New Students

New residents may register school-age children by obtaining a registration packet from their school or by calling the central registration office at (516) 872-5674. Upon completion of the packet, an appointment must be made with the residency officer for review before the student is able to attend school.

Registration Packet


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