Superintendent’s Corner 2017

November 7, 2017

District faculty and staff attended our annual Professional Development Day this November 7th. A variety of options were provided to meet the needs of all learners. We continue to focus on our district goals of Highly Quality Curriculum and Instruction, Leadership and Innovation, and Systems Thinking.

To ensure students are able to learn in the most welcoming classroom environments, our teacher aides and assistants received support for working with students by learning about classroom behaviors and how to address these behaviors in ways that respect all children. This informative workshop was delivered by behavioral specialist, Jaime Gettinger-Webber from KidzTherapy Services.

Clerical staff worked with our district technology coach, Melissa O’Geary, on Microsoft Office Essentials. Topics introduced included basic excel, mail merge, and creating charts and graphs. Our clerical staff manage many of our internal systems and using these essential technology tools is crucial to the efficient workings of the district and to providing consistently high levels of service to all district stakeholders.

We are introducing ST Math, a new research based math program, to our students this year. Teachers had the opportunity to spend time learning about this program and how to use it with students through innovative online self-paced professional development courses. This new model allows for hands-on, minds-on learning for teachers and allows greater flexibility to meet all teacher’s needs. Our English as a New Language department also worked on an online course offered through our partnership with Nassau BOCES.

Our principals offered curriculum sessions to teachers, including an Introduction to the NYS Science Learning Standards, an Introduction to the NYS Social Studies Inquiries, and Using DIBELS and SPS. These sessions support our goals around ensuring students have access to High Quality Curriculum and Instruction and also showcase our principals as instructional leaders. In addition, teachers worked with our Math in Focus trainer Susan Resnick, and worked with Nancy Letts who continues to help us grow our knowledge base around inclusive education, essential questions and the Socratic seminar method.

Special area teachers (Physical Education, Art, Gifted and Talented, Music, Library, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses, and Speech) all attended outside conferences specific to their specialty area. These opportunities allow teachers to collaborate with experts in the field as well as experienced teachers from the Long Island area.

Constance D. Evelyn, Ed.D.

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