Farmers for a Day

Valley Stream Union Free School District’s Howell Road Elementary School students recently visited Crossroads Farm at Grossman’s—spending their day in the sunshine while learning about sustainable agriculture. Students worked alongside each other after receiving demonstrations designed to educate them about various farming practices, food systems, and the importance of environmental awareness. During the visit the students also spent time inside the greenhouse and at various gardens, providing them with a behind-the-scenes look at Crossroads’ organic and biointensive practices.

The District aims to develop an appreciation for the earth in each student—with an emphasis on making environmentally smart decisions. The District will continue to employ a diverse curriculum which not only focuses on rigor but provides students with an education outside of the classroom.

If you were not able to join us for the Budget Hearing, a recording of the presentation and Dr. Evelyn's answers to questions from the chat can be found on the School Budget 2020-21 page. Click here to visit the page.