District History

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If you desire you may find hard copies of the entire project (Public Education in Valley Stream New York during the Twentieth Century) at the Valley Stream Waldinger Memorial Library, The Long Island Studies Institute at Hofstra University, The Valley Stream Historical Society, The Valley Stream Central high school district Board Room and The Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen Administrative Offices.

There are also DVDs of the entire project at The Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Library’s General Collections, control number 201242936.

Volume IA History
Volume IB History
Volume IC Appendices
Volume IIA Scrapbook – Pages 1-1339
Volume IIB Scrapbook – Pages 1340-2288
Volume IIC Scrapbook – Pages 2289-2699
Volume IID Scrapbook – Pages 2700-3741
Volume IIE Scrapbook – Pages 3742-3651
Volume IIF Scrapbook – Pages 3652-4486
Volume III Yearbooks
Volume V A&B Newsletters
Volume VIA PTA Newsletters
Volume VIB PTA Newsletters Willow
Volume VII Closing Exercise Programs
Volume 0