Howell Road Elementary School

1475 Howell Road
Valley Stream, NY 11580

Phone: (516) 568-6130
Principal: Mr. Frank Huplosky



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Principal’s Message:

We Are Family, Working Together Great Things Happen!
Howell Road Elementary School is a community of learners that is dedicated to working together to make great things happen. At the heart of Howell Road you will find a devoted team of administrators, parents, faculty, students, and staff whose collaborative spirit results in finding success in each other, some way, every day.We delight in the fact that our student body is representative of a wealth of various cultural backgrounds and languages. The experiences that each one of us brings into our Howell “home” are valued and respected. We find a common bond that is grounded in two principles. We feel that being the best one can be rests within oneself. We also continuously strive to treat others the way we want to be treated.With every beginning at Howell, from the momentous first day of the school year in September to the routine start of a school day as the year progresses and finally draws to a close, we are proud to offer our young scholars a high­-quality, engaging curriculum. The use of Google Apps and staff web pages enhances all subject matter and affords our students the opportunity to connect globally as well as with one another when completing projects and activities during the school day and beyond. In addition, our young well-rounded citizens are encouraged to develop their interests and talents in the areas of music, art, and physical education. The challenging academic and social­-emotional learning experiences that are presented to our students in all disciplines are thoughtfully crafted to propel them through their elementary school years and beyond.We believe in the promise of the yet to be or the yet to come as we guide all of our young scholars on their journey of learning in a nurturing environment where they may confidently take the risks that promote meaningful experiences. Children soar through stages of learning and development at varying rates. As a compassionate community of learners, we embrace these differences and strive to provide the necessary, yet flexible, levels of support, instruction, and encouragement that allow our students to participate both academically and socially in an inclusive learning environment.As your principal, I sincerely welcome you into the exceptional community of learners that is at the heart of Howell Road Elementary School.

Directions to Howell Road School

(From East:) Southern Parkway to Corona Ave North exit. Stay on N. Corona Ave, make left onto Dutch Broadway, make left onto Val Park Ave, make right onto Dana Ave, make left at Howell Road.

(From West:) Southern Parkway to North Fletcher Avenue. Head north and make right turn on Howell Road.

Staff List


Frank Huplosky

Peggy Esposito
Valerie Logreira Jordan
Faculty & Staff:

Debra LaBruzzi
Julianne Mashkow
Veronica Oquendo

Grade 1
Lisa Mulqueen
Debra Robbins-Jean
Danielle Vitulli

Grade 2
Nancy Faccio
Vanessa Kelly
Susan Simeone

Grade 3
Shareen Best
Laura Greene
Eileen Cooke
Laura Greene
Melissa Gresser

Grade 4
Danielle Dodge
Rachel Jean-Claude
Catherine Ricchiuti
Kelly Wilcha

Grade 5
Barbara Farrell
Matthew Stashin
Maria Teh-Bradley
Noele Villa

Grade 6
Lisa Ellis
Aleksandra Rance
Jacqueline Schimmenti

Karen Martorana

Building Aide
Carmela Cirelli

Classroom Aides
Carolina Albert
Barbara Cash
Elizabeth D’Arienzo
Deanna Gisonda
Donna Greco
Mindy Isacoff
Barbara Kennedy
Nadine Murray
Colleen O’Brien
Fabiola Times
Custodial Staff
Bill Buith
Roberto Carreras
Gary Palma
Richard Trafficanda Jr.

Paula Barnick
Terry Sales

Gifted and Talented
Richard Rosenfeld

Instructional Coaches
Andrea DiMango (Math)
Laurie Salvatore (Literacy)

Lisa Geary

Math Specialist
Corinne Cortes
Nancy Sferrazza

Media Aide
Renee Valinoti

Nicole Boyle
Christie Holub
Matthew Spinks

Noon-Hour Aides
Ann Corrao
Lee Ann Cruz
Donna Manfre
Marianne McKinley
Nighat Shaheen
Nilly Suliman

Caroline Montalbano

Occupational Therapist
Sherley Fils-Aime

Physical Education
Lisa Asaro
Kevin Olsen

Physical Therapist
Shoshana Bazini

Dr. Gaston Weisz

Deborah DiBona
Cindy Gervasi
Patricia Hopkins
Anna Mihalos
Liz Sweeny

Security Desk
Robin Felder
Juanita Stern

Social Worker
Yashmira Devine

Special Education
SheMeika Charles
Alison Dobry
Karen Gerner
Natalie Gregorek
Melissa Langer
Adrianne Mehan
Speech Therapists
Ilene Ganz