Wheeler Ave Elementary School

1 West Wheeler Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11580

Phone: (516) 568-6140
Principal: Mr. John Frias

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Principal’s Message:

Welcome to Wheeler Avenue Elementary School!

At the heart of the Wheeler Avenue Elementary School is a focus on community, collaboration, and student achievement. We are committed to clarity of purpose, exceptional teachers, and assuring individual excellence for each of our scholars. The teachers, scholars, and families each embark on a well-defined journey centered upon shared values and goals. The Wheeler Avenue School is also committed to developing the character in our students’ lives.

The Wheeler Avenue Elementary School has a unique and rich history founded upon a dedication to students. Our team is deeply committed to the success of each of our scholars. We strive to engage each scholar in a challenging and encouraging environment to foster a love of learning. The curriculum is designed to encourage curiosity, inquiry, and empower students to take risks. The various threads of our work are intended to develop individuals who possess the critical skills necessary for success, wherever their journeys take them in the future.

The foundational pillars that drive our work are value, purpose, and excellence. The Wheeler Avenue Elementary School provides a quality curriculum and a focus on values. Additionally, we believe that education should be purposeful. Our instructional practices, assessments and resources are aligned to our vision and focus on creating successful students, robust learning opportunities, and motived learners. Together we will continue to make Wheeler a special school community. I am excited to welcome you to the Wheeler Avenue Elementary School!

Staff List


John Frias

Mary Browne
Krystin Fox

Faculty & Staff:

Grade 1
Jennifer Bello and Fiona Hobbs
AnnMarie Ciociano
Kathleen Ianuale
Anne Marie Gershowitz
Krystal Rosado and Andrea Petersen
Laura Salvatore

Grade 2
Alyssa Gress
Donna Buehre
Diane Corr and Kristine LaCroix
Carrie Cullen
Britanny Bent

Grade 3
Christine Seaman
Jennifer Navarra
Heather Cea and Emily Canzoneri

Maureen Morris and Natalie Gregorek

Grade 4
Mia Greco
Erin Maywald 
Kristen Morreale and Jennifer Lio
Liz Suarez

Grade 5
Maria L’Heureux
Bob D’Agostino
Lisa Smaldon
Debra Hastings
Pam Gollin and Valerie Valinoti

Grade 6
Craig Caputo and Amy Scolieri
Rena Diasio
Valerie Hall-Cassano
Ruth Peets-Butcher