What’s Her Story?

April 2, 2023

(MARCH 2023)—Women are celebrated around the country for their contributions throughout history every March. In recognition of Women’s History Month, educators in Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen crafted numerous creative ways to help students learn about the contributions made by women that have helped shape the arts, science, and culture of our country.  For example, students created displays of women leaders from history that were placed in the hallways of all the District’s schools. The displays comprised pictures and descriptions of the influential women depicted, including their most significant accomplishments. Students also created posters that featured their own original writing based on research they did on their chosen woman of focus. During the students’ library block, they studied famous women in space and aviation. Finally, students filled out worksheets that asked them to note the women they admired most, their reasoning for selecting these particular women, and they drew a portrait of the women selected.

“Women’s History Month is a wonderful opportunity to both introduce and reinforce to our students the significance of the many contributions women have made to advancements across all fields in our country and around the world,” said Dr. Judith LaRocca, Superintendent of Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen. “Most people don’t know that Women’s History Month began back in 1908 in New York City when thousands of women marched for better labor laws, working conditions, and the right to vote. From that seminal moment, and because of those women, the challenges women have faced and overcome throughout history have been celebrated and held up as models for each succeeding generation of women. Raising our students’ awareness of how women have positively changed the course of our country’s collective history is a critical aspect of instilling a sense of civic responsibility and teaching young learners how to be global citizens.”