A Special Kind of Basic Training

September 30, 2020

Sixth grade students at Willow Road School in Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen hosted their second annual Reading Boot Camp last week. Students were able to return to the rhythm of school by participating safely and reviewing past skills while teachers, acting as “skill sergeants,” guided them through each military-themed day of reading. The weeklong event took place outdoors so students could get some fresh air while maintaining a safe distance from their peers.

On day one, students started by practicing close reading calisthenics–where they teamed up to tackle different pieces of reading. Day two consisted of communications office training–students paired up to practice inferencing as they read text message transmissions. Day three and four focused on looking at different points of view and comparing the main idea/theme through discussion. To end the week, students created posters reviewing the skills they had learned, which are now proudly displayed on the wall of their classrooms.

The Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen believes that classroom initiatives like Reading Boot Camp provide students with the opportunity to grow and improve their reading skills while motivating them through creative activities.