After Winter Recess, Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen Students Return to School in Full Swing

January 11, 2024

After a well-deserved winter holiday recess, students at Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen are back to school and fully engaged in their learning. 

At Howell Road Elementary School, students had a delightful time in their music classes, where they sang about snowflakes and learned how to use scarves to enhance their musical performance. To kick off the new year in math class, students explored ways to make the number “2024” with Greg Tang Math, fostering their critical thinking skills and mathematical creativity.

Willow Road Elementary School embraced the winter theme with a range of activities. Students participated in a writing prompt that asked them to imagine what they would do if they lived in a snow globe. This exercise allowed them to express their creativity and develop their writing skills. Additionally, students learned about penguins and had the opportunity to create their penguins while writing interesting facts about them. The students also honed their fine motor skills by painting a snowman with Q-tips, adding a touch of artistry to their winter-themed activities.

Wheeler Avenue Students decorated their school bulletin board with their 2024 goals, inspiring students to set their aspirations and work towards achieving them. This visual representation of their goals serves as a reminder for students to stay focused and motivated throughout the year.