Award-Winning Author Makes Virtual Visit to James A. Dever Elementary School

April 27, 2022

 (APRIL, 2022)—Before heading into Spring Break, the James A. Dever Elementary School PTA provided students with books written by award-winning author Deborah Hopkinson. With the help of James A. Dever’s librarian, Tom Mullen, the students had an exciting virtual visit from the author.

Deborah Hopkinson is an award-winning writer of fiction, nonfiction, and picture books for young readers. During the virtual visit, Ms. Hopkinson discussed her writing and encouraged students to develop their writing skills by offering writing prompts. The students were asked to write about something they cared deeply about and to think about how they would describe their personal story. 

The students and the author spoke about Earth Day and her book, Only One, which she co-authored with Chuck Groenink. The environmentally-focused picture book highlights the beauty of the universe with its galaxies, stars, and planetsespecially Earth with the precious life it contains. The book was a great way to explain to young readers about the Big Bang, the Milky Way, the planets in the solar system, and Earth’s atmosphere. They learned about the importance of the oceans, trees, and bugs. Ms. Hopkinson’s virtual visit was a perfect opportunity to educate the students about Earth Day and what each of them could do to help the environment.