Character Counts at Willow Road Elementary School

October 5, 2023

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s Willow Road Elementary School is proud to announce its continued commitment to fostering positive character development among its students. As part of its comprehensive character development education program, the school highlights a different character trait each month to incorporate into daily lesson plans and activities. For the month of September, the school focused on the important trait of responsibility.

“We firmly believe that character development is an essential component of a well-rounded and comprehensive education,” said Rosalie Ambrosio, Principal of Willow Road Elementary School. “By teaching and hoping to instill values such as responsibility, we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills and mindset to become responsible local and global citizens, as well as future leaders.”

Throughout the month, activities will encourage students to take ownership of their actions, make thoughtful decisions, and fulfill their responsibilities both in and out of the classroom. For example, sixth graders began this year’s Character Counts program during the summer when they were asked to take photos of themselves doing something responsible. Together, they created a This is what responsibility looks like! bulletin board.