Creating Fairytales at Howell Road

January 12, 2018

The Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen’s Howell Road Elementary School recently hosted a collaborative literary project, known as Fracturing a Fairytale, for its fifth grade students. Students in Ms. Bradley’s and Ms. Barnick’s classes came together for the joint project that gave students the opportunity to put their own creative spin on classic fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood.

Students were tasked with reworking these famous literary works to reflect modern culture and values while also changing a number of literary elements. Students altered their assigned fairytale’s point of view, setting, plot and the traditional conventions of fairytales. This project enabled students to cultivate a deeper understanding of literary elements and the complexity of crafting an engaging story.

The District continues to provide opportunities that allow students to collaborate with fellow peers, activate their creativity and develop essential literary skills.