Crossroads Farm

This spring, VS13 students visited Crossroads and transplanted the plants into the “learning garden”. Students toured the farm and learned about the animals, including the life cycle of honeybees. Students will return to the farm in June to eat our crops and enjoy the feast!



Valley Stream 13 has an ongoing partnership with the Crossroads Farm located in Malverne, NY. Crossroads Farm is an organic farm that is committed to the farm to table movement and farm-based education. The project starts with an in house trip to James A. Dever school where fourth grade​ students discussed the process of soil blocking and planting seeds. Students planted seeds in a soil block as well as in a cell platform. The students will measure the growth of the plants in both settings and see which one is best. This experiment will be done in the classroom. The next stage of the project will take place at the actual farm.​