Curriculum & Instruction

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Fabayo McIntosh

Phone: (516) 568-6147

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction supports the districts overarching goals of High Quality Curriculum and Instruction, Leadership and Innovation, and Systems Thinking.

At Valley Stream Thirteen, we recognize the need for strong core programs that support local curriculum that is aligned to the New York State Learning Standards. Our balanced literacy program for English Language Arts instruction includes the use of Superkids in grades K – 1 and Reading Wonders in grades 2-6. Each of these core programs includes a purposeful emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking, and word study. Our core mathematics program includes the use of Math in Focus for all grade levels. Throughout the curriculum there is a critical focus on problem solving, math discourse, and procedural fluency. We strive for deep conceptual understanding through the use of the concrete, pictorial, and abstract progression of learning mathematics.

The Curriculum and Instruction Committee strives to keep the district current with necessary changes to ensure high quality instruction for all students. Present areas of interest include the recently adopted Next Generation Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, NYS Science Learning Standards, and the NYS Social Studies Framework. The Professional Development Committee meets to support teachers as improvements are made to programs across the district. All teachers are provided with professional development opportunities to master new instructional innovations that have a direct impact on student achievement. Three instructional coaches work throughout the district to assist teachers in building capacity with instructional initiatives.

To ensure equal access to high quality instruction for all children, the district is committed to systems that provide all members with clear guidance in implementing instructional programs. This guidance comes in the form of our Academic Intervention Services Plan, the Professional Development Plan, the Response to Intervention Plan, and the Annual Professional Performance Review Plan.