Special Services

Contact Information

Dr. Lisa A. Dunn

Executive Director of Special Services

Dr. Lisa A. Dunn

Phone: (516) 568-6260


Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen is committed to meeting the needs of all students. In compliance with Federal and State Law, the District offers comprehensive programs for students with disabilities. The District’s Committee for Preschool Special Education meets to review results of evaluations completed for children between the ages of 2 and 5. The District’s Committee of Special Education meets regularly to evaluate school-age students and to make recommendations for programs including, but not limited to, related services of speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling; as well as resource room, inclusion and special class programs. If you believe your preschool or school-age child may be in need of an evaluation, please contact the Office of Special Services at (516) 568-6260.

All non-English speaking or Limited English-Proficient students who enter the District’s schools are tested and evaluated for the English as a Second Language Program. Parents are informed of ESL class placement and are invited to attend an orientation in which the program is described early in the school year.

Enrichment is offered for all students within their classrooms; however, the District’s Gifted Program services identify students in grades 4-6 in a pull-out model. Students are selected using multiple criteria. Prior to admission to the program, parents are informed of the recommendation and consent is obtained.

The District ensures confidentiality of personally identifiable data and information or records pertaining to a student with a disability. Parents have the right to access their child’s records and may do so by contacting the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services.