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Gerard Antoine
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Human Resources

Gerard Antoine

(516) 568-6110


Our school district offers contracted school bus transportation as per the following district policy:

Kindergarten through third grade: pupils residing one-half (1/2) mile or greater from the school they attend;

Fourth through sixth grades: pupils residing one (1) mile or greater from the school they attend.

The above applies equally to private/parochial and public school students. Bus route information for students attending one of our four district schools (James A. Dever, Howell Road, Wheeler Avenue or Willow Road) is mailed home from our business office. Bus route information for private/parochial school students is forwarded directly from the bus company.

Out of District Transportation

Pupils attending private/parochial schools are eligible for transportation if they meet the above district policy restrictions, and if the distance to the school is not more than fifteen (15) miles from their residence. New York State Law requires that transportation requests for the following September must be filed by April 2, 2024 with the local school district. Applications can be obtained by calling the Business Office at (516) 568-6110, or by following the appropriate link below:

Important Note: Transportation Application is NOT NEEDED for In-District Students