Dever Inertia

Dever Practices Inertia

December 5, 2018

Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen fourth grade students at James A. Dever Elementary School have spent the last few weeks learning about inertia and 3D printing in their science classes. Students spent time in their school computer lab practicing their STEM skills and 3D printing a Newton’s Cradle as part of the school’s new science program. After learning about 3D printing and creating their Newton’s Cradle, the students studied the transfer of energy as they visually witnessed it on the cradle.

Learning activities such as this help bring information and knowledge to life for students. This experiment is a way for students to dedicate time to learning, while seeing their lessons in real life. Having a hand in creating and printing the Newton’s Cradle invested the students in the learning process. Watching an example of inertia in the balls on the Newton’s Cradle transferring energy was a unique way for students to grasp this scientific subject. The District thanks the Valley Stream 13 Educational Foundation for donating the 3D printers to each school.