Dever students build the Brooklyn Bridge

Dever Students Build the Brooklyn Bridge

May 7, 2018

Students from the Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen’s James A. Dever Elementary School recently visited the school’s library for a cross-curricular, interactive activity. Dever’s librarian, Roxanne MacDonald, welcomed the students for a reading of the Brooklyn Bridge by Lynn Curlee—detailing the history and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge through stunning illustrations. Following the reading, the students used their knowledge of engineering and the tales from the fourteen-year construction period of the Brooklyn Bridge to build their own bridges using cardboard, paper, and tape. Students tested the strength of their bridges—placing pennies in the middle of their structures to see how much weight they could withstand, and then determining the most durable architectural designs.

The District continues to offer students an integrated curriculum, combining STEAM initiatives with other important subject areas like reading and writing.