District celebrates first day of school

September 9, 2016

District administrators and staff welcomed students returning from summer vacation at each of the district’s four elementary schools. The students were met with smiling faces and were reassuringly guided to their appropriate classrooms.

The incoming kindergarten classes, who will be forever known as the Class of 2029, enjoyed meeting their new teachers and classmates and learning what life as a kindergarten student is all about.

Students attending the Willow Road Elementary School were warmly greeted by their new principal Rosalie Ambrosio, who introduced herself to students and family members. “I look forward to welcoming back the children to school this fall, as well as meeting all the members of the Willow Road community,” said Ambrosio. “I am so excited for this opportunity to help the children of Willow Road to learn and grow in the coming year.”

As the students settled into their new surroundings, the first day of school quickly became the first day of learning and the start of another successful school year.