District Kicks off School Year with Superintendent’s Conference Day

September 29, 2016

It was truly a celebration at James A. Dever School on Sept. 6, not only because music was playing and staff members from throughout the District were encouraged to dance to the beat, but because the annual Superintendent’s Conference Day signified the beginning of yet another fun-filled year of education for the District’s children.

Superintendent of Schools Constance D. Evelyn welcomed back staff members and spotlighted new District employees, all while telling them “not to be afraid to have some fun.” She said that fun leads to more interaction with students, which increases learning in the classroom.

“Every September is a celebration…a new year and a new beginning for professionals in schools on behalf of children,” Evelyn said. “I wish you the best on a wonderful year in education moving forward.”

Board of Education President William P. Stris addressed educators, noting, “the board is well aware that the most important thing is the people that work in the District.” He also referenced the voter approved bond referendum, which will support capital improvements throughout the District.

“With that, we want you to have the best facilities and best resources possible to do what you do,” Stris said. “We want you to have the best working conditions possible.”

Evelyn led a comprehensive PowerPoint, which addressed many aspects of the curriculum, District goals moving forward and the budget. Before staff members spread out throughout the building for breakout sessions, Evelyn thanked them for their dedicated service.

“Let me remind you that you, in your profession, represent the best chance that America has to get this right,” Evelyn said. “There are special things that you can do that can truly change the trajectory of a child’s life that are positive and fulfilling. Your only job on the first day of school is to make sure that all of our students can’t wait to come back.”