Health and Safety



The Valley Stream School District Thirteen, in accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986, states that it maintains a current record of all asbestos-containing materials located within the district’s buildings. This information is included in the district’s Asbestos Management Plan and is updated in accordance with the New York State and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations. The Asbestos Management Plan is available for review upon request to the Assistant Superintendent for Business, Meredith Brosnan.


Pursuant to the NYS Education Commissioner’s Regulations, the Valley Stream School Safety Team has completed its annual review of the Districtwide School Safety Plan, which was first adopted by the Board of Education on July 2, 2001. A copy of the updated plan is available in the main office of each school, as well as in the office of Meredith Brosnan, the Assistant Superintendent for Business.


The Valley Stream School District Thirteen practices the procedures of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This process utilizes measures for suppressing pests with minimal impact on human health, the environment and on nontarget organisms. Pesticides will only be used as a last resort, and if needed, the least-toxic pest-specific alternative must always be selected. For further information including the 48-hour notification process, contact Meredith Brosnan at the Business Office, 568-6110.