Class of 2029 Gets a Head Start on Kindergarten

July 26, 2016

This summer, the district offered a kindergarten readiness program, which focused on skills that students will need on a daily basis when they begin school in September. It was the first time the district has provided the program, with 26 students from the class of 2029 benefitting from the three-week introduction to kindergarten.

Students from throughout the district participated in both small and large group activities led by a kindergarten teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist and aide for three hours a day for 15 days in July. The children moved through different stations featuring hands-on learning activities, which focused on language development, motor skills and academic readiness.

In one activity, students would hear a story and then answered questions using the Smart Board, a way of enhancing their listening skills and becoming familiar with technology used in the classroom.

Lisa Sells-Asch, the district’s assistant superintendent for special services, said that she and the teachers saw tremendous growth in the students during the three-week program. “We’re excited to have been able to invite children who are entering kindergarten to participate in a program that would help transition them to kindergarten more smoothly,” she said. “The program focused on developing and enhancing skills that all students utilize as kindergarten scholars.”

The program took place in a kindergarten classroom, which enabled students to familiarize themselves with their new environment and experience daily routines such as unpacking backpacks, following instructions, completing tasks and important socialization skills.

The kindergarten readiness program was in addition to the district’s long-standing summer recreation program.