Howell Promotes Friendship and Kindness!

October 11, 2016

On Sep. 29, Howell held a Dedication Ceremony of two Friendship Benches in honor of Zachary Ranftle, a former student at Howell. This magnificent day was attended by Toni Pomerantz, Constance Evelyn, Judy LaRocca, Gerard Antoine, Zachary’s family, Howell PTA, and Howell Students and Staff. Acacia Woodley, the founder and CEO of Tiny Girl Big Dream addressed the students discussing friendship and kindness in two assemblies, one for Grades K-2 and the other for Grades 3-6. The goal of the Friendship Bench is to provide a welcoming space for anyone who needs a friend to talk to. If anyone is having a rough day, the Friendship Bench is the place to go!