Howell Road Elementary School Hosts Multicultural Night

November 29, 2022

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s Howell Road Elementary School recently hosted a Multicultural Night with students, families, faculty, and staff. Multicultural Night provides a unique opportunity to showcase the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the Howell Road family, with attendees sharing and enjoying the different food, arts, and music that define each culture.

“It’s important to promote and educate our students about cultural awareness. All of us have a cultural heritage and lineage, and the deeper understanding our students have of their own backgrounds as well as that of their fellow classmates, the more acceptance and appreciation they will have for each other and the value of our diverse community,” said Frank Huplosky, Principal of Howell Road Elementary School. “Through Multicultural Night, students are able to further connect with their cultural heritage while learning about others.”

During this special community event, students wore traditional clothing and prepared informational posters explaining and representing their unique cultural heritage. They also wrote essays highlighting famous people and the traditions of their ancestral countries.