Howell Road Elementary School Students Are Empowered by Learning About Voting

November 21, 2023

On the Monday before Election Day, Howell Road Elementary School students participated in classroom activities and lessons designed to engage and educate them about the democratic process. 

The students were involved in a student vote, filling out voter registration cards and casting their ballots to determine the activity that would be enjoyed during their break time. Among the various activities planned for the day was the simulation of the actual election/voting process. Just as in the real Election, students eagerly lined up to cast their votes in their election. They placed their ballots in the official ballot box, ensuring the integrity of the voting process. Following the voting period, the students were responsible for tallying up the votes. This exercise fostered a sense of ownership and involvement in the election’s outcome. After the votes were counted, it was announced that GoNoodle was the winner. GoNoodle is an interactive online platform that offers fun and engaging activities to promote physical activity and mindfulness among students. 

In other classes, as part of their social studies curriculum, students participated in a mock election to learn about the importance of active citizenship. The object of this curriculum was to provide students with hands-on experience. Students were asked to register to vote, research and analyze their candidates, create campaign posters, and cast their votes.