Howell Sixth Graders Take Trip to Coleman Country Day Camp

June 23, 2023

Howell Road Elementary School sixth-graders took a field trip to Coleman Country Day Camp in Freeport recently. The sixth-grade students spent the day celebrating their upcoming graduation with a fun-filled day of activities. This was Howell Road Elementary’s second year of celebrating their graduating class at Coleman Country Day Camp.

“Graduating elementary school is an important milestone and something our graduates will remember for a long time. It deserves to be celebrated,” said Frank Huplosky, Principal of Howell Road Elementary School. “The field trip to Coleman Country Day Camp promoted friendly competition as well as teamwork and collaboration. It was a great way for the students to celebrate their elementary school journey.”

Coleman Country Day Camp’s massive western-style ranch provided students with both indoor and outdoor activities. The sixth graders participated in games of gaga (a form of dodgeball) in “the pit”, indoor rock climbing, rode paddle boats, and played soccer and volleyball among the many activities of the day. Students were also treated to a barbecue lunch which included playing trivia and participating in a spelling bee.