It’s a Harvest Party!

June 28, 2022

(JUNE 2022)—In early May, Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen students visited the Crossroads Farm to transplant the young lettuce plants they had been growing in their nursery pots at school. The students watched their lettuce grow with weekly video updates. 

Recently, the students had their harvest party at Crossroads Farm where they picked the lettuce they had previously planted, tasted fresh honey, drank mint tea, picked fresh flowers, squeezed fresh orange juice, and ate bread with butter and chives. For the students, it was a culminating experience to be able to pick the lettuce they had grown and enjoy their salad during the harvest party.

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen students learn at an early age about how agriculture impacts the world around them through their work with Crossroads Farm. They learn about the growing cycle and how to cultivate crops throughout their educational and interactive hands-on experiences offered by the district.