James A. Dever Elementary School Collects Solar Eclipse Glasses for Donation to Astronomy Without Borders

May 1, 2024

James A. Dever Elementary School recently held an important charity initiative, during which students collected solar eclipse glasses for donation to the Astronomy Without Borders organization. The endeavor underscored the school’s commitment to community engagement and environmental stewardship.

With the recent total solar eclipse captivating the nation’s attention, James A. Dever Elementary School educators seized the opportunity to contribute to a cause that promotes both scientific education and global accessibility. Recognizing the importance of ensuring safe viewing experiences for all, the school embarked on a mission to collect unused solar eclipse glasses. Astronomy Without Borders, renowned for its dedication to providing astronomical resources to underserved communities worldwide, serves as the perfect conduit for redistributing these glasses. Through its innovative recycling program, the organization ensures that these valuable resources find their way into the hands of individuals who will benefit from them during future celestial events.

The collaborative effort involved students, teachers, and staff members, who rallied together to collect a significant number of solar eclipse glasses. This initiative served as an educational opportunity for students to learn about the science behind solar eclipses and the importance of environmental sustainability.