James A. Dever Elementary School Empowers Students through Enriching Field Trip Experience

May 2, 2024

James A. Dever Elementary School in Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen continued its efforts in fostering inclusive and immersive learning experiences for its students. Students embarked on an unforgettable field trip to the Long Island Children’s Museum with their teachers.

Dedicated to providing enriching opportunities for students with diverse abilities, James A. Dever Elementary School facilitated this excursion to broaden horizons and nurture curiosity. The students, ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade, each with their unique abilities and talents, were greeted with an array of captivating exhibits at the Long Island Children’s Museum.

The highlight of the excursion was the exploration of the vibrant world of Eric Carle, where students were immersed in the colorful illustrations and imaginative stories of the beloved author and illustrator. Additionally, they delighted in the interactive bubble exhibit, engaged their senses in the Feasts for Beasts showcase, and experienced the magic of sound showers.