James A. Dever Elementary School’s Welcome Back Picnic

September 29, 2022

(SEPTEMBER 2022)—Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen students are successfully completing their first month back to school. To celebrate, James A. Dever Elementary School hosted a welcome back picnic put together by the PTA so students and families could have some quality time and fun together outside of their classrooms.

“It was wonderful to see our James A. Dever family come together to enjoy our welcome back picnic,” said Darren Gruen, Principal of James A. Dever Elementary School. “A huge thank you to our James A. Dever PTA for putting together a great event and to our friends at the Malverne Public Library for joining us in helping our students sign up for their very own library cards!”

James A. Dever Elementary school students were able to enjoy the nice weather outside as they participated in fun activities like face painting, chalk drawing, raffles, Chess, and Connect Four.