James A. Dever Students Excel at Music in the Parks Field Trip

July 11, 2024

Students from grades four to six at James A. Dever Elementary School recently showcased their musical talents at the Music in the Parks field trip. The event took place at three different schools, where students competed in various musical categories.

Throughout the morning, students were adjudicated by a panel of esteemed judges who provided valuable commentary and feedback on their performances. We are thrilled to announce that all four performing groups, chorus, band, jazz band, and orchestra, achieved a remarkable first-place superior rating in their respective categories.

Notably, student Thera Shamey received special recognition for her outstanding jazz solo, earning an additional award for her exceptional musical talent. Following their impressive performances and accolades, the James A. Dever students continued their day at Downey Park, where they enjoyed additional activities and celebrated their achievements together.

This successful outing not only highlighted the students’ dedication and hard work but also showcased the strong support of the school’s music education program and the commitment of their teachers and staff.

Principal Darren Gruen expressed great pride in the students’ accomplishments. “The Music in the Parks field trip provided our students with a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their musical abilities and receive valuable feedback from experts in the field. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and the exceptional results they achieved.”

The James A. Dever community looks forward to building upon this success in future musical endeavors and continuing to foster a love for music and the arts among its students.