James A. Dever Students Get WizFit

October 12, 2023

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s James A. Dever Elementary School recently kicked off its WizFit Challenge. The initiative was launched with a visit from the Harlem Wizards for a day of fun, fitness, and fundraising.

 “The WizFit Challenge not only encourages physical activity but also instills a sense of school spirit, community, and teamwork among our students,” said Darren Gruen, Principal of James A. Dever Elementary School. “Thank you to the Harlem Wizards for visiting with us and helping us impress upon our students the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle!”

In addition to promoting healthy living, the WizFit Challenge is designed to help raise funds for the school. The challenge sets various fundraising goals, each with a unique reward for the students.