James A. Dever Students Raise Money for Save the Children Charitable Organization

June 6, 2023

Students in James A. Dever Elementary School’s fifth and sixth grades researched and created a school-wide fundraising initiative with the support of school psychologist, Dr. Susan Nissen. The goal was to raise $1,000 by selling bracelets and donating the funds raised to the Save the Children organization. 

“This is a great opportunity to educate our students about both giving back to their community and what it takes to be compassionate global citizens. School fundraisers provide an opportunity to bring students, staff, families, and community together to reach a common goal,” said Darren Gruen, Principal of James A. Dever Elementary School. “Special thanks to Dr. Nissen and our teachers, J.J Weiner, Marissa Nicoletti, and Stephani McNulty for guiding and supporting our students in successfully putting together this school-wide fundraising initiative for Save the Children.”

The Save the Children charitable organization first started in 1919 when founder Eglantyne Jebb witnessed children dying of starvation and being plagued with diseases at the end of World War I. Over 100 years later, the charitable organization has partnered up with organizations and individuals across the globe with a single mission to give children a healthy start in life.