Let’s Get Digital

March 9, 2020

Valley Stream 13 Students Employ Digital Practices in the Classroom

Sixth grade students of the Willow Road School in Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen are being introduced to the realities of a digitally engaged classroom. Teachers across the District have been implementing technology in the classroom as a way of daily learning.

“Infusing technology into the classroom is an opportunity for students to present their work in a non-traditional way,” said Dr. Constance Evelyn, Superintendent of Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen. “Many classes throughout the District are utilizing platforms such as Wakelet, Gimkit, Google and Flipgrid on a regular basis to enhance the education they are receiving.”

Recently, these platforms were used by students to present their Black History Month projects to their peers. Students were asked to choose notable persons and conduct research on them. Students were given the option of how to present their projects to other students, and most chose to take a technological approach.

“A few students used Flipgrid, a social learning platform in which students can create and record videos, to set up an escape room for the class after they completed their research on Sylvain Salnave,” said Mrs. Karen Higgins, 6th grade teacher at Willow Road School. “Other students used Metaverse, which utilizes augmented reality as an educational tool to code and present their research on Bessie Coleman.”

The Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen believes that the implementation of technology in the classrooms is something that will greatly assist students as they progress through their educational careers.

Mrs. Higgins’ 6th grade students using Flipgrid to kick off an escape room that they created all on their own.
Mrs. Higgins’ 6th grade students using technological creativity through the Metaverse app to share research with classmates.