Multicultural Night at Howell Road Elementary School

December 4, 2023

 Howell Road Elementary School recently hosted a vibrant Multicultural Night, an event that brought together students, families, and staff to celebrate and learn about the diverse cultures and traditions represented in the Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen community.

“Thank you to all the families, staff, and students who made Multicultural Night successful,” said Frank Huplosky, Principal of Howell Road Elementary School. “Events like these foster a sense of unity and pride and we look forward to it every year.”

The school gymnasium was transformed into a global village for the evening, with various cultural exhibits showcasing traditional attire, food, music, and dance. The event was a testament to the rich cultural diversity of the school community and provided an opportunity for everyone to learn and appreciate the unique traditions of different cultures.

The event featured a variety of cultural performances, including traditional dances and music from around the world. Students and families tasted a wide array of international cuisines prepared by the families of the students.