The Proposed Budget:

Contingency Budget:

  • Is significantly below the tax-levy limit
  • Provides for the instruction of four, full-day Pre-K classes
  • Provides for the installation of Smart Boards in kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • Promotes high quality of instructional programs
  • Preserves class size and all special area programs
  • Provides funds to maintain and upgrade facilities
  • Supports increased technology-based operations and instruction

The Contingency Budget for 2021-2022 would be $54,317,633. This would mean a reduction of $1,209,197 or 2.18% from the proposed budget.

What we would lose:

  • Equipment expenses
  • Pupil instructional supplies such as pencils, paper, and basic art supplies
  • After school clubs
  • Expenses related to the transfer to capital expenditures and school lunch
  • New BOCES services
  • Hiring of additional aides as a non-instructional staff member unless required by a students IEP

School Budget 2020-2021