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Welcome to James A. Dever Elementary School!

At Dever, community and family are cornerstones of what makes our school so special. The faculty and staff, along with the administration, are intensely committed to working together with parents and caregivers, and the greater Valley Stream Thirteen community, to provide the children with nothing but the best we have to offer.The first thing that strikes you when you come to Dever is that our school is a happy place. You are greeted with a smile and everyone is ready and willing to lend a helping hand. The faculty and staff are intensely collegial, and each works diligently to foster this sense of community. Additionally, they take very personally the task at hand – to ensure that each and every child develops to their fullest potential; academically, socially, and emotionally. Ask any child, and they will tell you that they love their school, and more importantly, that they are excited and love to come to school. It is here that they find a challenging and nurturing environment in which to test their abilities, make explorations and discoveries, construct meaning, and to make achievements that they can be proud of and celebrate. Ask any parent, and they will tell you that Dever provides opportunities for everyone to participate in and to be a part of this special learning community. Our extremely active parents work cooperatively with the school to enrich our children’s educational experience, both during and after school. We encourage citizenship and courtesy, along with caring and sharing. That’s what makes our school so special. Together we work to monitor and further our progress toward extremely high, but realistic standards, seek out novel and creative ways to improve our instructional endeavors, and to constantly strive for excellence. That’s what makes Dever so special.

Darren Gruen




585 North Corona Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11580-2099



(516) 568-6120

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Faculty & Staff


Grade 1

Maria Francaviglia 
Stacey LoBello / Bonney Goldberg
Debora O’Connor

Grade 2

Teresa Artuso
Denise DeMeo
Louise Marchesi / Joan Seidl

Grade 3

Laura Greene
Anne O’Sullivan / Alyssa Bentz
Alison Sannella

Grade 4

Stephani McNulty
Stephanie Lotito/Kim Pierson
Noelle Rogers/Betsy Ullrich
Grace Wohlfahrt

Grade 6

Parita Domadia
Stephani McNulty
Paula Scavelli / Betsy Ullrich
J.J. Weiner / Erica Ulsheimer


Gifted & Talented

Instructional Coaches

Denise Simone (Math)
Cindy Gervasi (Literacy)
Cindia Alvarado (Technology)


Tom Mullen

Math Specialist

Noella Villa
Kimberly Ward


Glenn Guidone
Johanna Land
Matthew Spinks

Occupational Therapist

Physical Education

Carrie Lundgren
Peter Schwasnick

Physical Therapist

Shoshana Bazini
Dan Weinkauf


Dr. Susan Nissen

Reading Specialists

Annemarie Gunn
Kati Miano
 Heather Lanning

Social Worker

Debbie Kornfeld

Speech Therapists

Natalka Michaliszyn
Christy Taveira

Building Aide

Joanna Lynch

Classroom Aides

Narjis Baig
Cecilia Burmann
Daisy Castillo Hernandez
Marie D’Ancona
Virginia Fontaine
JoRae Hafter
Alexis Hampton
Jennifer Jacks
Khushdeep Kaur
Andrew Lunavictoria
Samar Mashreke
Eileen Meyer
Justine O’Connell
Wanda Oree
Mimi Pinello
Debra Szabo

Custodial Staff

James Centore
Thomas Babst
Phil Jeannette
Rene Ramirez

Media Aide

Andrea Colletti

Noon-Hour Aides

Sadia Amir
Tania Arana
Jamela Carvan
Kaori Delise
Maria Luisi
Therese Ringle
Deanna Ventura
Denise Visceglia


Noon-Hour Supervisor

Regla Belizaire


Carolanne Jaffe

Safety Escort

Rosa Rivera
Suzette Wierzbicki


Angela Lucente
Judy Szalyga

Security Desk

Theresa Macchio

Security Desk

Theresa Macchio

Guidance Counselor
Ryan Boyle