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Principal’s Message

Willow Road is a place where excellence and opportunity converge to provide a remarkable learning experience for students.  Our school is not just a building; it’s a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering their personal and academic growth. 

Willow Road is a hub of innovation, creativity, and collaboration.  We believe that every student possesses unique talents.  At Willow Road, we are committed to providing an environment that nurtures talents and helps students discover their full potential.

Our dedicated team of educators and support staff is passionate about creating an inclusive and engaging learning environment.  We strive to offer a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academic excellence but also instills values of empathy, respect, and a strong sense of community.

Welcome to Willow Road!

Cindy Gervasi




880 Catalpa Drive
Franklin Square, NY 11010


(516) 568-6640
Faculty & Staff


Cindy Gervasi


Mary Danna / Ariann Tulloch
Hilary Rene
Emily Salerno

Grade 1

Christine Coryell
Bryan Donovan
Jillian Mendes/Lisa Gimbel




Grade 2

Cynthia Ambadjes
Hanna Choi
Tristen Simmons / Caitlin Nelson
Antonella Sciscioli

Grade 3

Nanci Brochhagen / Lisa Gimbel
Susan Cirakoglu
Taylor Nisen
Melanie VanEron

Grade 4

Matthew Costantino
Michelle Lepe / Lisa Amato
Lauren Anglim
Alyssa Rivera


Grade 5

Deanna Cappello
Donna Gonzalez / Mario Romeo
 Cabrina Tasevoli
Greer White



Grade 6

Karen Higgins / Vanessa Morales
Sharon Marrione
Jeanette Walters



Soneya Bonetti
Christine Robinson

Gifted & Talented

Instructional Coaches

Denise Simone (Math)
Cindy Gervasi (Literacy)
Cindia Alvarado (Technology)


Carole Anne Weik


Math Specialist

Lauren Cassidy
Noele Villa

Occupational Therapist

Alyssa Scialabba

Physical Education

Elias Gaston
Peter Gatto

Physical Therapist

Shoshana Bazini



Leslie Gulkis
Karen Jason

Reading Specialists

Mairead Dorry
Ilona Goldstein
Heather Lanning

Social Worker

Jamey Schechter


Speech Therapists

Pamela Doodnauth
Kristina Dilauro
Kaitlyn Espina
Kalei Mills

Teaching Assistants

Jason Ambadjes
Deanna Gisonda
Dulfay Quintero
Patricia Sullivan

Building Aide

Catherine Kasiotis


Classroom Aides

Colleen Accardi
Nidia Andrikopoulos
Raadiya Billings
Elizabeth Cascio
Charlene Case
Deanna DiBartolomeo
Sandy Gagstetter
Samantha Gipson
Diane Gonzalez
Shahanera Hasan
Mahmoona Imtiaz
Haydee Jawad
JoAnn Karalis
Ann Lochan
Carol Lucente
Marianne McKinley
Doris Mendoza
Dawn Moreno
Shana Mulvey
Maria Napolitano
Abigail Ott
Lori Restivo
Gaetana Rigano
Julia Scala
Juanita Stern
Andrew Sutton
Peggy Tosca
Christina Vila

Custodial Staff

William Buchanan
Roberto Carreras
Lisa Centore
Dominick Natoli

Media Aide

Vidya Lochan

Noon-Hour Aides

Kaitlin Bustamante
Maria Guevara-Flores
Megan LaVoic
Christine Masotto
Susan Peluso
Tasneem Samad

Noon-Hour Supervisor

Tara Lotufo



Audrey Carrott

School Counselor

Ryan Boyle


Janice Buontempo
Debbie McDougall

Security Officers

Sophie Kure
Rayan Khan


Security Desk

LoRae George


Jerena Jones