Summer Recreation Program at Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen

August 5, 2022

(AUGUST 2022)—The Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen’s Summer Recreation Program offers students a myriad of opportunities to have fun and stay active throughout the summer. The program runs from July 5 to August 5 for approximately three hours daily.

“The Summer Recreation Program is a great way for students to stay engaged throughout the summer while socializing with their friends,” said Dr. Ruth Peets-Butcher, Principal of Wheeler Avenue Elementary School. “Incoming kindergarten students can also familiarize themselves with new routines and activities which will allow them to have an easier transition in the new school year.”

The Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen Summer Recreation Program is at Wheeler Avenue Elementary School. There are currently 225 students enrolled, with 14 groups of students that comprise rising kindergarten students through sixth-grade graduates. The program offers Mad Science, arts and crafts, recorder lessons, outdoor activities, and games. Aside from the daily rotational activities, the program offers other activities throughout the week such as a home run derby, knock hockey and ping pong tournaments, smile day, hula hoop, basketball shooting, bouncer buddies, jump rope, and frisbee contests, as well as spirit week!