Valley Stream 13 Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

October 29, 2020

Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen isn’t letting COVID-19 get in the way of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! Students engaged in fun and educational activities both virtually and in person in the classroom. 

Students in Mrs. Di Dio’s art classes engaged in studying Mexican Folk Art, particularly focusing on the work of iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo and projects that celebrated the vibrancy of Mexican culture. Students in each grade level created unique projects that correlated with the traditions of Mexican culture. Some of the projects included papel picados, elaborate celebratory banners, mixed-media floral marigold sculptures, Mexican tapestries, decorative Mexican sugar skulls and Amate Bark paintings.

Outside of art class, fourth grade Wheeler students applied what they’ve been learning about research and note taking strategies to their Hispanic Heritage slideshow, made in library with Mrs. Miller. The children used their research skills and creative eyes to create a vibrant google slideshow about Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice and the first Hispanic member of the U.S. Supreme Court. Other classes played a “Guess Who” game each morning, where students had to share clues about a notable person of Hispanic heritage until they revealed the individual. Once revealed, they shared research on that person’s contributions to society. 

To end off the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at Willow Road School, ELL students created petroglyphs, rock carvings found all over the world, inspired by the designs created by the native Taino people. Students chose Puerto Rico to focus on not only for its rich Hispanic heritage but also for the many people in the New York metropolitan area that are of Puerto Rican decent. These historic rock carvings can still be found in Puerto Rico today.

The Valley Stream Union Free School District Thirteen is proud to support the celebration of diverse cultures and their histories to aid in making students more worldly. 

Display of “Frida Kahlo” including “Papel Picados” by 1st Graders and “Mexican Tapestries” by 3rd Graders at Wheeler.
Amate Bark Painting of an elephant by Steven Santiago, Wheeler student, grade 6.
Fourth grade ELL students at Willow Road created their own petroglyphs with a twist!