Black History Month collage

Valley Stream 13 Schools Celebrate Black History Month

February 17, 2022

(February 2022)—Students in the Valley Stream Union Free District Thirteen celebrated Black History Month by participating in activities to learn about African Americans who have made vital contributions to our country.

Kicking off Black History Month, Willow Road Elementary students researched notable African American individuals. Students were tasked with selecting individuals with whom they connected or were inspired. They conducted research to learn more about their selected person’s early life and the paramount contributions they made. The students of Willow Road created a beautiful bulletin board displaying the theme of love and personal enlightenment for African Americans and their great significance in history around the world. Students reflected on the achievements and contributions of Black Americans and added post-it notes to share their understandings.

Students from James A. Dever School participated in a letter-writing contest to honor important people of Black History hosted by the Valley Stream Library. During their library class with Mr. Mullen, students read biographies and used online resources to identify facts about African Americans. Students utilized their digital library which includes information highlighting African American individuals and their accomplishments. Students read books and created Google slide presentations featuring the biography of admired Black Americans.

Wheeler Avenue Elementary School read Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine and created a “Henry Brown Inspires Us” bulletin board. Each morning, teachers picked an inspirational Black American for their class to research. Teachers presented students with Google slide presentations on Black Americans that have inspired them. Students also participated in the creation of a “Histagram” featuring Black athletes, musicians, inventors, and artists to highlight their accomplishments throughout history.

Howell Road Elementary recognized Black History Month by watching short video biographies on African Americans who have made a positive impact on our country. Students learned about Rosa Parks and her stand against bigotry, crafting a paper bus representing her historic act of defiance against racism. Students also learned about Swing, Boogie, Bepop, and other forms of Jazz made popular by Black artists and completed a Black History biography report.