Valley Stream UFSD 13 Celebrates Women’s History Month

March 30, 2022

(March 2022)—March is recognized as National Women’s History Month, and Valley Stream UFSD 13 is taking the opportunity to teach its students about inspiring women who have shaped our country and the world.

James A. Dever Elementary School students read and listened to the biographies of legendary women. Utilizing Google Classroom, students can access the platform’s digital library to expand their knowledge and understanding of these women, listen to read-aloud stories, quotes, and watch videos detailing their lives and legacies.

Howell Road Elementary School teachers read She Persisted, a children’s book by Chelsea Clinton that details the perseverance of numerous women such as journalist Nellie Bly, astronaut Sally Ride, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Students discussed the traits of these women as well as their perseverance in a world that doubted them. Students were tasked with writing about prominent women and how their determination and persistence led to their success. 

Willow Road Elementary School students researched historical women in both American and global history. Students discovered female trailblazers and innovators from all over the world who changed the fields of science, art, music, sports, politics, business, and literature. Through thoughtful discussions about these women and their accomplishments, students developed recognition and gratitude for these women who serve as a reminder that they too can grow up and change the world.

Wheeler Avenue Elementary School student council members worked with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to interview women that are positive role models to young girls and women. One 6th grade student was able to interview Kimberly Thomas, founder, and director of Sparkle Empowerment Program for Girls.