Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen Celebrate Read Across America

March 28, 2024

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen recently celebrated Read Across America with a series of engaging classroom lessons and activities that promoted a love for reading and literacy among students. 

As part of the celebration, students participated in Read Across America spirit week—which included theme days such as Crazy Hat/Hair Day that encouraged students to showcase their creativity and enthusiasm for reading in a fun and interactive way. In addition to the spirit week activities, students engaged in a Library Scavenger Hunt, where they had the opportunity to explore the school library, discover new books, and enhance their knowledge and appreciation for literature.

“Read Across America is a wonderful opportunity for our students to come together and celebrate the joy of reading,” said Dr. Judith LaRocca, Superintendent of Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen. “The classroom lessons and activities organized during this celebration promoted literacy and fostered a sense of community and excitement for learning.”

The Read Across America celebration at Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen highlighted the importance of reading by engaging students in creative and interactive activities which aids in instilling a lifelong love for reading and learning.