Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen Celebrates Diwali

November 20, 2023

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen recently celebrated the festival of Diwali with great enthusiasm and joy through classroom activities and lessons.

“The celebration of Diwali is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about different cultures and traditions,” said Dr. Judith LaRocca, Superintendent of Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen. “It allowed them to appreciate the diversity within their community and fostered a sense of unity and respect for all.”

For example, Wheeler Avenue Elementary School students showcased their creativity by coloring beautiful rangoli designs, while the Willow Road Elementary School students crafted intricate paper diyas, symbolic lamps associated with the holiday. To educate the students about the significance of Diwali, students read Amma, Tell Me About Diwali by Bhakti Mathur. This book provided valuable insights into the traditions, customers, and legends associated with the festival.