Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen Field Day

June 10, 2022

(JUNE 2022)—One of the highlights of the school year at Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen is student field day! It’s a time for students to get outside, enjoy great weather and have a full day of physical activity with their fellow classmates.

Wheeler Avenue Elementary School’s field day was held at Firemen’s Memorial Field. Students in grades four through six wore blue and gold t-shirts that the PTA provided.  Students participated in over 50 events including mini-marathons, relay races, and tug of war.  Ribbons were given out to all who participated as well as first, second, and third place winners. 

Willow Road Elementary School enjoyed its field day with a circus theme. Students participated in various stations throughout the day and engaged in activities such as obstacle courses, tug of war, and dancing with a DJ. The PTA provided a pizza lunch that was enjoyed by all.

Howell Road Elementary School enjoyed its mega field day with potato sack races, dance parties, relay races, and more. The students also enjoyed some water-incorporated games to cool down due to the hot weather.

James A. Dever Elementary School celebrated its field day by unplugging from technology. Students spent the day outside with activities centered around music, art, reading, and physical education. The classes rotated throughout the day so everyone was able to have an equal experience with relay races, read-alouds, STEAM projects, mono printing, drum circles and so much more.