Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen Reorganization Meeting

July 21, 2023

Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen held its Board of Education reorganization meeting on Wednesday, July 5. At the meeting, the Board members selected Jennifer Oliveri as Board President, Gerardo Cavaliere as Board Vice President, and Patricia Farrell as  Alternate Vice President. Each will serve in their respective positions for one-year terms. Board President Mrs. Oliveri appointed the chairpersons and members of the Board’s four standing committees: Education, Business, Faculties, and Policy.

“Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen is eager to start the new school year filled with excitement and continued success,” said Dr. Judith LaRocca, Superintendent of Valley Stream UFSD Thirteen Schools. “Our Board has dedicated members who have the experience and skills that serve as invaluable assets to the District. I have full confidence that with our Board’s exceptional leadership and commitment to our students, we will  have an extraordinarily successful school year filled with student and faculty achievement.”

During the meeting, Mrs. Oliveri was administered the oath of office as Board President, as was Mr. Cavaliere as Board Vice President. Dr. LaRocca also took the oath of office as Superintendent of Schools.